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Holiday Launch Party


Hosting a Holiday Launch party for awesome gifts this holiday season!

Cool stuff here!!!


Overdue for a remake.

Yes!REBoot This!!


Overdue for a remake.

REBoot This!!

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// Never take family for granted//

Those moments that cause you to look at yourself and ask how long you’ve been a shitty human

Just creepin’ on Sansa

Just creepin’ on Sansa

Dammit! I can’t block hashtag Ferguson crap from my phone!

And by crap, I mean it’s degraded and re polarized humanity on both sides, just like social media and traditional media wants it. The cops there are crap! The looters are crap! The politicians just talking about it are crap! The “activists” are crap! Yep I meant it when I said Ferguson crap.

Humanity today, you’re just out to prove that when we find fungus on mars, the dolphins will want to move.
You really are ALL a bunch of fucktards, aren’t you?
Left, right, black, white… Idiots not worth a damn


GoT Laughs: Littlefinger, the major motion picture

Our friend Ozzy Man, first of his name, is back at it, bringing us the inspiring story of Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, now a major motion picture. Part comedy, part tragedy, part romance, and not at all as creepy as you’d think.

See!!!!! >;-)

Sophie Turner teases a big change, and familiar faces for Sansa Stark in Season 5

With this happening, will people see me as the ultimate pedo-creeper? Yipe! I hope not!

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petyr baelish one week challenge - [day 3] favourite scene: lysa’s fall

Skydiving? >;-)

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I’m sooooo excited!!! 6 days and counting!!! It really is an experience of a lifetime at Oshkosh!

One day I’ll get there!

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